After a couple of matches, I've noticed I had 78 mana in my bank. I haven't sold any items or banked any using the forge. Are there other ways to earn Mana?

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Here's from the wiki:

  • It is possible to bank mana during the building phase using the forge. (Only after first wave.)
  • Items left on the ground at the start of a wave get turned into mana and split between the players.
  • End of Level - At the successful completion of a level, you will receive some mana back for your towers.
  • Upon leaving a level - Items on the ground are sold and split between the players
  • Extra items can be sold for mana based on their quality.
  • Mana can be traded between heroes in the tavern by dropping it.
    • Access the Hero menu and choose "Drop Mana".
    • Mana has a maximum of 100,000 per Drop.
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    just to add, the mana purchasing thing is not on the pc version yet
    – l I
    Oct 24, 2011 at 12:29

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