In Shadow of War: Blade of Galadriel, to upgrade the Light Bringer's Dagger, the challenge is to kill a captain with stealth, while invisible:

Light Bringer's Dagger challenge

However, it is completely unclear how to be "invisible". I have tried killing captains while hidden in bushes, aerial stealth kills, and sneaking up behind captains to kill them, but none of it seems to count as being "invisible". I also can't find anything relevant in any of the character skills, and I have unlocked them all.

How do I become "invisible" for the purpose of completing this challenge?

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In addition to some gear that provides situational invisibility, Her version of Elven Wrath also gives invisibility. One of her updgrades to Elven Wrath also extends that invisibility.

I used that invisibility to good effect on an otherwise particularly annoying Olog Captain.

  • To clear the challenge, I used Elven wrath just before making an aerial stealth kill, and this did the trick.
    – Questioner
    Mar 19, 2018 at 14:31

You need a cloak that makes you invisible. I believe it comes with slaughter tribe DLC through i am not entirely sure. You might want to make a different question regarding that.

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