I noticed that I have a few "Knight", "Immortal" medals on various levels. So I was wondering: Are there any list of all medals you can earn on a level, and what are the requirements for earning them?

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Here's a page on an unofficial wiki that seems to have a good-sized list of potential awards you can earn. Listed again below:

End of Wave Awards

  • Knight - Killed 10 enemies in 5 seconds
  • Lord - Killed 50 enemies in 5 seconds
  • Invincible - Did not take damage for an entire wave after the first
  • Master Builder - Kept full Defense Units throughout the wave

End of Wave Awards in Multiplayer

  • First Kill - Scored the first kill in the wave
  • Janitor - Scored the last kill in the wave
  • Chillax - Moved the least distance in the wave

End of Mission Awards

  • Immortal - Did not die throughout the entire match
  • Master Strategist - Only used Defenses to harm enemies after the initial wave
  • Gunslinger - Only used Abilities & Weapons to harm enemies after the initial wave
  • Flawless Victory - No core damage after the first wave
  • Boss Slayer - Your Hero or Defense landed the killing blow on a boss
  • Skin of Your Teeth - Completed the match with less or equal to 100 hp on the Crystal

End of Mission Awards in Multiplayer

  • Banker - Earned the most mana
  • Trigger Happy - Most first to ready for combat phase
  • Handy Man - Performed the most tower repairs
  • Mechanic - Performed the most tower upgrades
  • Strategist - Scored the most tower kills
  • Most Valuable Hero - Scored the most player kills
  • Most Valuable Player - Scored the most total kills
  • Teamwork - Completed a mission with 4 active players

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