What happens if Ana boosted D.va just before she uses her ultimate? Can the boosted mech destroy shields and kill tanks?

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D.Va's ultimate does 1000 damage to any targets within the 20m radius. The downside to having such a high damage AoE ability is that other players can block the damage by placing themselves behind a barrier of some kind. Typically this is something like a wall or a car, but Reinhardt/Orisa/Winston shields also work (and take no damage from the explosion), as does Mei's Ice Wall.

Ana's ult gives the affected player 50% damage amplification. If you use it on the D.Va mech and the D.Va ults afterward, the mech retains the damage boost and yes, it will do a total of 1500 damage. However, it does not gain any other properties - it is still blocked by map obstacles and player-made barriers. The only advantage of nanoboosting a D.Va mech is if the enemy has a Roadhog - when he uses his Take A Breather (E), he gains 50% damage reduction for the duration, meaning that if he's at full health he can theoretically tank through a regular mech explosion, but a nanoboosted explosion will kill him regardless. However, this is an extremely niche use, and I would not recommend using the nano-mech explosion in most cases. It's just a waste of an Ana ult.

  • You missed Brigitte in the shields list... granted, her shield's small size means you effectively have to line up behind her
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  • It's worth noting that an allied Mei using Ice Block can also be hidden behind. Granted, I'd hope Mei would just use her Ice Wall instead.
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  • There's a couple others I missed, such as Zarya shields (even standing behind someone who has a shield on will work) or Symettra's photon shield. I decided not to list them all, since I'm sure there's others I missed, plus I don't want to update every time a new champ releases :)
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