Traveling bards, in exchange for bonus experience, trade you items. They seem to be on every Titan. I think each one trades a different item. What can you get and at what prices?


Found on the wiki:

  • Argentum (Lemour Inn) - Accessory Expander Kit (+1 permanent accessory per driver) - costs 200k exp
  • Gormott (Abbles Fountain) - 20000 Ether Crystals for 200k exp
  • Uraya (Fonsa Myma Gate) - 1 Legendary Core Crystal for 200k exp
  • Mor Ardain (Jakolos Inn) - 1 Ultimate Weaponry (+5k WP for a driver) - costs 400k exp
  • Tantal (Theosir Main Gate) - 1 Overdrive Protocol - costs 1m exp
  • Spirit Crucible Elpys (Upper Level - Spirit Crucible Entrance) - Elemental Core: Light - costs 1m exp
  • Cliffs of Morytha (Upper Level - Cliffs of Morytha Inlet) - Master Ether Mod - costs 500k exp
  • Cliffs of Morytha (Jubilee Gate) - Master Luck Mod - costs 500k exp
  • Land of Morytha (Streets - View of a Lost Time) - Master Muscle Mod - costs 500k exp
  • Land of Morytha (World Tree - Megaflote Base) - Master Strike Mod - costs 500k exp
  • World Tree (Mid Level - Skywalk) - Master Evasion Mod - costs 500k exp
  • World Tree (Lower Level - Lv. 2 Mizar: Lower Deck) - Master Tank Mod - costs 500k exp

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