When I replay Big Score mission and choose obvious approach, then the game freeze at the cutscene where a player is opening a door: like this video:

It's annoying that I can't see the answer to this question when I search articles on the internet:

for example - R* support: Freezing When Attempting to Replay "The Big Score" in GTAV

  • I post this question for future references purpose, I actually know how to fix this bug in the past, but after a long time, I forgot exactly how to fix it, but I vaguely remember it's because of the character when we replay the mission, then I go on the internet to search for which character cause the issue, but it took me sometime and can't find the answer. So I make this question to solve this issue one and for all. – 123iamking Mar 25 '18 at 5:14

The fix for this bug is: start mission as Trevor.

Step 1: Switch to Trevor if you are playing as Michael/Franklin.

Step 2: Start replay mission - Done! no more freezing.

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