According to Splatoon wikia, Special Power Up improves the performance of special weapons, and for Bomb Launchers it only says:

Increases duration

So, knowing that Sub Power Up perk increases bomb velocity and travel distance, does it affects also bombs thrown while Bomb Launcher special weapon is active?


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Sub power up does affect bomb launchers, but only under certain conditions. This Squidboard thread says it better than I can:

Does Sub Power Up affect Bomb Launcher?

Yes, it does but only if you throw it at max range. If you hold R your inkling will throw them at maximum range/speed which will be affected by Sub-Power Up while the R button-mashing that most people use will not be affected by Sub Power Up.

It will probably be more effective to use special power up because then you don't have to worry about holding R. You'll be able to get more bombs out, ink more turf, and it's easier to trap someone with your bombs if you're mashing R.

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    – pinckerman
    Oct 11, 2018 at 11:49

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