I have Fallout Shelter on two devices- PC and phone. At some point on both of these devices I received a free kind of Lunchbox which gave me one pet. This was before I got 13 people in my Vault. No matter how many game files I start, I have only ever received one on each device. How does this work? What are my chances, if any, of getting a second?

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The Fallout Shelter save games are not particularly robust against editing. It is actually JSON formatted.

You can also just edit in more Pet Carriers using Fallout Shelter Save Editor

  • Thank you. I will be sure to hack cough USE the tool you have recommended.
    – user199801
    Apr 18, 2018 at 15:32

The only ways to get the pet carriers are limited.

  1. You get one(as mentioned in the question) from a lunchbox

  2. Missions, it is possible to get lunchboxes, Mr. Handies, and, yes, Pet Carriers

  3. And, of course, buying the pet carries

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