I was wondering what is the difference between a VPS and a normal hosting like multicraft or others like minecraft-hosting.pro?

And which one is better? Performance wise, not how complicated it is to set up or anything.


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VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting: You rent a virtual machine, which has an operating system on it, and you can install whatever you want on it. This is generally more expensive.

Dedicated server hosting: Same as VPS, but instead of a virtual machine you are buying an actual "metal box" server.

Minecraft / Game server hosting: You can only access the Minecraft server's files instead of having access to the whole operating system. Alongside your server, there are plenty of others' servers hosted on that virtual machine. The CPU (and sometimes the RAM) is not dedicated, meaning it's not reserved for you, meaning that, for example, another person's server can use up all the CPU power instead of yours.

I would recommend going for Minecraft hosting for a smaller server / network, if you want a bigger network, which will for sure make money (because, for example, you have a YouTuber that is going to be playing on it for sure), you can buy some VPSes.

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