I was searching for more answers on the internet. I kept searching, and I found one thing that help me a little. I went back to Terraria and tried it out, but the Lunatic Cultist didn’t spawn.
Does the Lunatic Cultist spawn on an iPad?


No, he does not. As detailed on the wiki page for the Lunatic Cultist, the boss is only available on desktop and console versions of the game. iOS is a mobile version, so he will not spawn.


Since the 1.3 mobile update he will spawn, but golem needs to have been defeated first


The Lunatic Cultist will not spawn in Mobile Terraria. He, The Celestial Pillars, and the Moon Lord are not available in Mobile/Fire TV editions of the game. If you want to fight him you can purchase the PC version here: Terraria on Steam for PC, or you could wait for the "One Terraria", or Mobile 1.3 update to come out. (Expected sometime 2018) Getting Console Terraria is also an option. Hope this helps! =D

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