Dulb and Seiros can be used to purchase very good items from the Seiros & Dulb Exchange.

How are these currencies obtained?enter image description here

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In order to get Serios and Dulbs you can sell your bonds.

2★ bonds are worth 2 Serios each and 3★ bonds are worth 10 Serios.

To sell them you have to go to your inventory and select the Bond tab.

Below is a screenshot of the store where you can sell them.

Screen shot of the bond store

To get Dulbs you need to sell your higher level bonds. My 4★ bond for Sparkle Princess is worth 50 Serios and 10 Bulbs.

Selling battle princess for dulbs


Serios and Dulbs can be obtained by: - Selling 2-star bond (2 serios for each bond) - Selling 3-star bond (10 serios for each bond) - Selling 4-star bond (50 serios + 10 dulbs for each bond)

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