There are multiple loot rarities in Fortnite: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

What is the percentage rarity for loot of each level to spawn in Fortnite?

  • Do you want the rarity per weapon so uncommon till legendary for pistol , shotgun etc or just the basic chance? Apr 12 '18 at 8:14

So there is a website that displays all the drop chances per weapon. per rarity. They also display the chance per loot source of getting this weapon. As it is quiet a long list I shall display it for one weapon for example sake.

This link, provides you with a list of dropchance per "loot container" (chest, floor, supply drop)

Note: this data is subject to change per patch. As the game is constantly updated. Therefor do not take the example data listed below as correct.

Example weapon M4:

  • common : Floor loot (so laying in the open), 25.9% chance. Chest 12.9%
  • uncommon : Floor loot (so laying in the open), 12.9% chance. Chest 6.5%
  • rare : Floor loot (so laying in the open), 5.2% chance. Chest 2.6%

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