When a player has an oak staircase directly in front of them, I would like a command block to place a barrier under them.

The command I have used that fails is:

/execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~1 ~1 ~ minecraft:oak_stairs /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ barrier

I will use multiple command blocks with a similar command to make it work on all sides of the player.

I also need a way to where the player leaves the oak stairs it would remove the barrier.

My Minecraft has messed up and nothing I can do can fix it but it cant show my the command block output no matter what I try. Can someone please try and help me with this, nothing I can find helps me at all.

  • Please only ask one question. If you have another question, post another question. – IronAnvil Apr 9 '18 at 1:12

You're very close! The game thinks that /setblock is the block state, so simply add a value for the oak stair before /setblock. Unfortunately, you will need to do it for every block state, unless there is a way of targeting every block type with detect (If there is, please inform me. That would be most useful) Thanks to IronAnvil, I can now inform you that to target any oak stair, simply put -1 as the block state.

In this case, you would go

/execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~1 ~1 ~ minecraft:oak_stairs -1 /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ barrier

which would look for oak stairs facing west, to the east of the player, to then place a barrier underneath.

Hope I could help!

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    From the wiki on execute command under the dataValue argument: "Must be a valid block data for that type of block or -1 to match any block data." – IronAnvil Apr 9 '18 at 0:59

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