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Is it possible to turn a Minecraft single player map into multi-player server?


  • I want to create a new Minecraft Server using Bukkit.
  • I have an old world that I want to be part of the new world. So I edited the old one with MCEdit, i.e. surrounding it with Bedrock and creating new chunks far from that old world and moving the spawn point there.


  • Copy existing "world" to new Server: Is it correct to copy a "world"-folder and only deleting the "players"-folder in it? Or do I have to adapt more than that to have a properly functioning world afterwards?
  • Random Seed: In the resulting world, I do not want to have any limitations of world generation because I flicked something together there. In MCEdit I can change the RandomSeed number. Is it of any importance that this number is the same like the one in the "server.properties"-file of the new Server will be? (In MCEdit I create the "start" of the new world, far away of the old. This will only be one to a few chunks.) When leaving RandomSeed in server.properties blank, it will use different Seeds every time, right? Than it would be no problem I guess.
  • World generation: Because I take the old world, generated with an older Minecraft version, as a starting point, will this limit the world generation in newer Mincraft versions? Does the world folder somehow contain generation parameters apart from the RandomSeed so even with a newer Minecraft version the world is still generated like it would be in the old version?

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Please see this question for information on how to copy a world from singleplayer to a server

If the world was generated in an older version of Minecraft, due to changes in the terrain generation, new chunks will not line up correctly, as shown in this question

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