Basically my question is that what's the difference between timi and lightspeed version of PUBG Mobile and what version is on playstore. As I see only one version and that is by tencent games. So what i'm playing actually, tencent PUBG or timi or lightspeed.


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The Timi version of PUGB was released on the Chinese App Store first for both iOS and Android devices (it has not yet been released elsewhere).

However, it will first roll out in China before it becomes available to the rest of the world.

The Lightspeed & Quantum version of PUGB is released over the world for both iOS and Android devices.

So you are playing the Lightspeed version of the game.



The differences between the 2 versions:

The Army Attack release by Timi Studio has a distinct focus on Land, Sea, and Air Battles. This is fundamentally different from the PC version meaning that there has been some artistic license afforded to the company in order to offer something slightly different and dynamic, but still under the PUBG brand.

For the purists, which are those individuals who loved the original PC game and just essentially wanted a mobile version, there is the Exhilarating Battlefield version by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio. This is basically the like-for-like attempt to port the original game to iOS and Android mobile devices and trying to preserve the original look and feel of the original title.


Similarities between the 2 versions:

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said that both games are made using Epic's Unreal Engine 4.


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