In-game I have noticed what appears to be a carry-over of damage on a second enemy after a critical hit one the first enemy. I'm thinking it might just be a coincidence, but if it is a coincidence, it seems to be a very common one. However, I have been unable to verify one way or the other if crit-damage carries over or not. This article mentions critical hits, but only says to take advantage of them and explains that they do increased damage to the targeted enemy. Likewise, this tip list mentions critical hits, but does not discuss whether the damage carries over. I had hoped that Bethesda's forum question "How Does Quest Combat Work in Fallout Shelter?" would lead to better insights, but it was the most vague of the three. So the question remains: Does Critical Damage Carry Over to Secondary Enemies in Fallout Shelter?

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That's not carry over damage. That's your dweller shooting right after a crit.

This is very noticeable with the Fat Man. If you wait until you launched a Fat Man and then trigger the crit, you'll immediately launch a second time.

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