We are about to have the money to buy the backpack upgrade, but does every player have to buy it or is upgrades progress common between all players?

Same thing goes with the tools upgrades. Are they separate for every player, or if one player does the upgrade it's upgraded for everybody?

  • No source other than my friend playing last night, but when they purchased a backpack it only was applied to the person who bought the backpack, not the other players on the server. I suspect tools work similarly but I will need to test myself later. – Malco May 1 '18 at 20:31

Tool and backpack upgrades are separate for each player. It does get expensive fast to have to spend a few thousand gold and metal bars several times, but it is worth noting that you can share your tools with you friends by placing them in a chest, since anyone can access any chest.

As a side note, while Clint is upgrading a tool, he will still be open for business (shopping, upgrading, cracking geodes) for players who are not having their tool upgraded.

Source: I've already spent over a whole season in multiplayer with friends.

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  • That is great that Clint is still open for business while upgrading, makes things a lot more efficient – Malco May 2 '18 at 13:59

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