i'm doing a map and i'm trying to make a conversation between the player and a villager with clikable answer in the chat like this (i'm french so the text is in fench but it doesn't matter i think)

/tellraw @a [ { "text":" Salut l'ami ! tu aime le bon bon sauciflard ?", "color":"aqua" }, { "text":"Oui", "color":"green", "clickEvent": { "action":"run_command", "value":"/setblock -87 102 158 minecraft:redstone_block" } }, { "text":"Non", "color":"red", "clickEvent": { "action":"run_command", "value":"/setblock -96 102 158 minecraft:redstone_block" } } ]

It work's but i'd like to skip a line between "oui" and "non" and i don't now how i can do it.


The \n escape code will let you start a new line. For example:

/tellraw @s "Line1\nLine2"

enter image description here

In your command:

/tellraw @a [{"text":"Salut l'ami! Tu aime le bon bon sauciflard?\n","color":"aqua"},{"text":"Oui\n","color":"green","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/setblock -87 102 158 minecraft:redstone_block"}},{"text":"Non","color":"red","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/setblock -96 102 158 minecraft:redstone_block"}}]
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