Im working on an above-ground fortress in Dwarf Fortress. I'm trying to kickstart grape farming, but i never seem to have enough dwarves to brew the grapes {brewing produces seeds, cooking doesn't} and to chop wood for potash to fertilize my fields. Does anyone have any tips on this subject

  • If I were doing an above-ground fort (something I may yet do one of these days) I'd ask myself if fertilisation is really needed. From my play-throughs of 'classic' below-ground forts, raw plants are never the bottleneck, and I end up shutting down agriculture entirely in year 2 or 3 b/c I have enormous stockpiles. Well, maybe except cloth-producers... – Liz May 14 '18 at 8:23

So Above-ground forts are always going to be difficult. Among other things, materials that would normally be used to make crafts are instead used to build your fort. Why this matters is that you get more migrants based on your created wealth.

Now, constructions do count for this I believe, but if you're using logs/rough stone to build, the value of your houses will be pretty low. I recommend having a mason carve stone blocks, and building houses out of these. It will still take a while, but eventually your fort's created wealth should start attracting more migrants, the more useless you can assign to your winery.

Good luck with the fort, and remember: once your created wealth and exported wealth are high enough, it'll trigger Fun stuff.

(As an aside: I was always disappointed with just how cheap wine is in df. It's like it's just grape juice. )

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    Adding a note for pure above ground forts with no stone, gems, or metal: Cloth (especially dyed cloth) can be a good value-for-effort endeavor. Cloth-producing plants a relatively common above ground, so you may be able to boost your wealth and attract migrants with a textile industry. This also has the advantage of being renewable. Check out dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Maximizing_value for valueable items you can make out of wood, sand, clay, and cloth. – Paul May 10 '18 at 20:53

Sorry about that misunderstanding. There are a few ways to get more dwarves. 1. Migrants: This is the best way to get more dwarfs. You get a migrant wave about ever year (the largest recorded is 77 dwarves). 2. Babies: After 12 years a baby/child will become a peasant and you can enable whatever labors you want. 3. Guests: Rarely a visitor will request to become a citizen.

Also, if you never seem to have enough just enable the farming/brewing/whatever labors you want on idle dwarves.

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