The simpsons hit and run for pc takes too long to load on my PC, the loading screen takes too long - even if I can bear the loading screen, the slow loading sometimes makes the game unplayable, you can see that the game fails to load the city in the image below. The simpsons hit and run for pc takes too long to load

I'm using Windows 8.1, how can I fix this?

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Set compatibility mode for Windows 98 like 123iamking's answer is an easy & simple way. But each time you run the game, it requires Administrator right.

So here is a way you can run the game without Administrator right: set affinity to 1 core with cmd.

Step 1: Create a bat file called Simpsons.bat in the game directory.

In the file Simpsons.bat, use affinity cmd:

start /affinity 1 Simpsons.exe

The Simpsons affinity bat

Step 2: Edit the game shortcut so that it run Simpsons.bat instead of Simpsons.exe enter image description here

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    Since the source code was leaked I had the chance to spot the bug and fix it :) they used a unlock and lock statement on a mutex on the main thread without waiting for the other loading threads to take over
    – feedc0de
    Mar 6, 2022 at 19:20

Just run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 98 Compatibility mode for Win98

Thanks to Sargon for recommend this in a Youtube comment

I recommend just running it in Windows 98 compatibility mode. It will automatically set affinity to 1 core and you won't have to do it manually every single time. Sure it's just 1 core, not 2, but this is such an old game that it won't matter.

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