Bakeberries return 30 minutes of CPS when burst. Ten wrinklers halve your CPS. Are wrinklers making bakeberry returns lower?

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    – Dragomok
    Jul 16 '18 at 17:56

No, you don't have to

Wrinklers are not affecting CPS, they are withering it, so it doesn't affect the payout of Bakeberries, Chocoroots, Crumbspores, Doughshrooms and other plants.

a screenshot of Stats page from Cookie Clicker, showing Cookies per second (CPS), alongside with percentage of withered CPS

There are at least three other values that rely on current CPS, one of them being the price of The Golden Switch. It requires a one hour worth of cookie production, and it stays the same going from 0 up to 12 wrinklers.

Note, however, that CPS is temporarily changed by Golden/Wrath Cookie effects; you may want to time your popping of Bakeberries after getting, say, Frenzy (Golden Cookie effect, x7) or Elder Frenzy (Wrath Cookie, x666) multiplier.

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