Is there any special task needed to run PUBG on RemixOS Android 6.0? I've downloaded and installed PUBG on RemixOS but after Tencent logo, a just black screen is coming. I've also installed Google Play Games properly on RemixOS. Is something missing?

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    There is also an official emulator for PUBG Mobile, from the developers themselves, Tencent. – Crovaxon May 26 '18 at 0:07

Because RemixOS is meant to be use in multiple computers, it does not have 3D rendering on non-Intel GPUs. A quote from the issue tracker:

Currently Remix OS has poor GPU support for non-Intel chips so in case if system can't load dedicated GPU driver, system will load in software rendering mode (handled by CPU - lower performance).

When you try to play games that require hardware for 3D rendering, you will get a black screen (Asphalt 8) or a complete crash (aka <app> has stopped working).

Please note that this happens on both Remix OS PC and Remix OS Player.

  • Thanks for the response. Found an alternative that works very well. – Faizan Saiyed Jul 11 '18 at 6:10

Try using PHOENIX OS. It's an alternative Android Emulator for Windows (like Remix OS).

I've been playing PUBG on a low-spec machine with 65-100 fps.

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