I'm wondering what all the differences are and how much benefit you really get from a Field Hospital to see if its worth it compared to a rank 2 or rank 3 Infirmary.

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A Field hospital is the same as a rank 3 Infirmary in nearly every aspect, but the Field Hospital provides the following bonuses.

The first difference we can note here is the building cost.

  • To reach rank 3 Infirmary: 19 materials and 15 chemicals
  • To build a Field Hospital: 10 materials and 5 chemicals

The Field Hospital can craft everything a rank 3 Infirmary can at the same cost, but a Field Hospital will require fewer plague samples to craft the Blood Plague cure. 4 instead of 5.

Active treatments are the same, except that a Field Hospital also provides a more global healing towards your community.

  • Infection Therapy (8 meds)

    • remove all infection from all survivors
  • Physical Therapy (8 meds)

    • remove all injuries and trauma from all survivors

The last difference between the 2 is that a Field Hospital also gives you a permanent +10 health to all your survivors.
Both facilities also provide passive healing to survivors that are "resting".


So basically a field hospital allows your community members who have trauma or injuries to heal while not playing as them. Basically passive healing.

  • Infirmary also has passive healing..
    – Vahx
    May 29, 2018 at 17:49

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