Overwatch Legendary Edition replaced the Game of the Year edition during the second anniversary. Instead of coming with 10 loot boxes, it comes with 10 pre-selected skins (5 Epic, 5 Legendary).

Which 10 skins comes with it?


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Sony posted a promotional video for the Legendary Edition on the PlayStation Youtube channel; it lists all the skins that come with the Legendary Edition. They are:

  • Epic
    • Carbon Fiber Genji
    • Pale Moira
    • Paragon Reinhardt
    • Winter Widowmaker
    • Shrike Ana
  • Origins
    • Security Chief Pharah
    • Strike Commander Morrison Soldier: 76
    • Slipstream Tracer
    • Blackwatch Reyes Reaper
    • Overgrown Bastion
  • Legendary
    • Okami Hanzo
    • Valkyrie Mercy
    • Police Officer D.Va
    • Mystery Man McCree
    • Fool Junkrat
  • The Origins skins are the same ones that came with the Origins edition and Game of the Year edition that this edition replaces.
    – Powerlord
    May 25, 2018 at 0:40

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