In Final Fantasy Online (FFXIV) when I'm in a party and type /p Hello, the chat mode does not stick to "Party", but remains on the previous one instead. This makes my next message appear in the old channel:

chat example

I can click on the talking bubble icon to make chat stick to another channel, but I'd like the game to remember a channel from my previous / message. Can that be done?

I've gone through the "Character Configuration" > "Log Window Setting" configuration, but haven't found any such option yet.


There is no sticky chat command... however, there is a simple chat command to switch the default chat mode.

Send /p or /party without any chat text to switch the default chat mode to party. This also works for /say, /yell, /alliance, /freecompany and many others.

It also works with /tell if you supply a player name.

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    while @IG_42 has been downvoted, what he says about shout is true for this method too – Force Gaia Nov 1 '19 at 11:45

Just click on that speech bubble and pick which channel you want to use, works for everything except shout.

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