I beat the last story boss, but in lost items no chaos flame shows up (some traveler items did though) and my blades of chaos are stuck on level 4. Am I permanently gimped or can I grind up enough of the funny resource to buy enough chaos flames to reach max level for the blades?

I backtracked to the Tyr's underground move the giant chains part, but can't go back into the Jotunheim tower either. Didn't find a convenient chaos flame lying on the ground.


The final upgrade for your weapons doesn't come from a normal boss drop like all the previous materials. Instead you will need to trade a resource from "post game" activities to unlock it. Doing these will each unlock a Playstation trophy as well.

For level 6 of the Leviathan Axe you will need a Chilling Mist of Nifheim which you can find by

Unlocking the workshop and opening the third golden chest from the left inside there.

This can be traded at a shop for a Frozen Flame and upgrade the axe to it's final level.

For level 5 of the Blades of Chaos you will need to get a Raging Inferno of Mespelheim which you get by

Beating all six trials of Mespelheim and defeating the Valkyrie.

And again you go to a shop and trade it for the final Chaos Flame.

  • I'm not at the final level, I'm at the one prior going level 4 to 5. – user1821961 May 29 '18 at 19:35
  • @user1821961 If your blades are level 4 then nothing is wrong, the final level for the blades is 5. Only the Axe is level 6 max. – Virusbomb May 29 '18 at 19:40

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