How do I change my username on roblox? I know it's an option, my friend informed me. But where do I go to change it?

  • I removed the bit asking for a good username, as we can't really help with that as it is too broad and too much just a matter of opinion. – Ash May 30 '18 at 20:17

You have to go to account settings, which is the cog on the top bar menu, then go to "Account Info" and find your username. Once you see your username, click the pencil to the right of your name and choose a name.

This process costs 1000 Robux though. Ensure you have the required funds for this.

  • it doesnt cost 1000 robux anymore for me it was free – Jacob Jan 13 at 20:27

Go to your profile and click settings next to username and there should be a pencil and paper click that then enter your new username you want

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