Almost two decades now, and I never found this out.

Even a hotkey FAQ doesn't help.

At the start of a turn, I get a message "something awful happened at/near <city name>.

I only ever play huge maps - how do I find <city name>?

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    What's wrong with Locate Base Ctrl+B? Do you have any specific need? Do you need it just in time when the message is displayed? (that, indeed, is a problem) – bytebuster Jun 9 '18 at 12:55
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    D'oh!!! I have been playing almost two decades without being aware of that !! And, not that you point it out, the FAQ which I reference tells me ms that. Feel free to post a answer, which I will accept while slinking off, with burning cheeks, into the night – Mawg Jun 9 '18 at 13:18
  • Yes, the problem with the FAQ is that it uses "base" instead of "city", which can be slip off one's attention when searching for "city" – bytebuster Jun 9 '18 at 14:21

Indeed, when messages about events are displayed, there is no possibility to switch to the map, you can only view the base/city itself.

However, after the messages are shown, and the player makes their moves, Ctrl + B invokes the Locate Base window.

One possible trick I personally like is renaming the bases (cities), prefixing it with continent name/number/id/whatever. This also helps alphabet-sorting the bases (cities) and navigatiion with Left/Right arrows between them, as shown in the screenshot (caveat: IIRC, the list was unsorted in SMAC and fixed only in SMAX).

navigation buttons

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