Is it possible for my pet ender man "Bob" to escape its cage? I heard that they cant teleport out of enclosed areas, but I also heard they can pick up smooth stone blocks which might mean it can make the cage not fully enclosed anymore and teleport out. it does have a name tag fyi.enter image description here


Yeah, your enderman can teleport his outside the cage... But deplace blocks of the cage is less possible. If your enderman is not attacked, he (maybe) can't teleport his outside...

I hope that I answered your question ! :-)

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  • I kinda get what your saying I think but since I posted this question he hasn't escaped and I even used my AFK fish farm for 2 hours and he still hasn't escaped. The only activity he has done is place the grass and then pick up the grass and that's the only thing he has done. – Liam Jun 10 '18 at 7:34

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