This might be a bug, but I really can't be sure. I'm probably doing something wrong, so I'm here to ask you guys!

So I have been playing Fortnite Battle Royale recently, and this is new: My window won't resize. When I actually launch Fortnite it remains this tiny little box. I can't change it in any way. When I click the fullscreen icon, it just fullscreen either horizontally or vertically, but it doesn't cover the entire screen.

Am I doing something wrong or is Fortnite being really buggy? And has anyone else experienced this problem?

  • Have you rebooted your computer lately? – Frank Jun 12 '18 at 0:33

This is a little unwanted bug in Fortnite . In game, if you want to use these buttons, you will need to click the button a little longer (half second clicks won't work, hold for like 2 seconds then release). I found myself once double-quick clicking the full screen button with no success. Also happens with the Quit button.

There is another fix which always launches the game in full-screen and avoids future hassles. In Menu, Settings (Top Right, Three horizontal bars), you should see a setting called window in Video, Change Windowed Option to Full-Screen Option and click Apply in the Bottom Right.

Hope this helped.


This should help: Press Alt + Enter and it should fill up your screen with fortnite. It will stretch the resolution though, so maybe fiddle with the resolution settings until you get it right. 🥳


Go to settings and put your screen size on fullscreen mode

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