Preston and I were going to Diamond City when we some encountered raiders on the way. While fighting, it gave me the option on where to send Preston (like if I told him to go to Red Rocket or other settlements) even though I didnt do anything to trigger this. I pressed O to cancel and then on the top left, it said "Preston is now going to Red Rocket" followed by "Preston hated that". I ran to Preston to get him to stop going and when I got to him he started shooting me. I went back to a save I made about 2 minutes before all of this happened but I want to know what happened so I can prevent this, or is it just a glitch?

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    Preston is "Good" and hates murder. You probably killed an innocent person in the crossfire, more than likely indirectly from car explosions or AOE from grenades or something... – Robotnik Jun 19 '18 at 4:19

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