Consider this picture:

Image map minecraft

I used an image to map converting tool which I found somewhere on GitHub.

The thing is, I saw an item just like this on a public Minecraft server. Somebody there offered to sell it to me. How did he/she do this on a server? He wasn't an admin or anything.

The only way I know of creating these 'image maps' are by modifying the map.dat files, which requires administrative privileges over the server/world.


You can go through the painstaking work to place the appropriate blocks on a horizontal plane to make the maps.

Here I have placed down the blocks to make my name:

  • The easiest approach is to create the map in creative or using a tool, then use a client-side mod like Litematica to rebuild it manually in the world. – SF. Jan 4 at 2:15

You can create the map in your own world, put it into your hotbar and save it (default C+number). Then on the server, you can restore the hotbar (default X+number), if you are in Creative mode.


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