I had a default game, and didn't change any settings in Don't Starve. I ran the entire map. I found all of the savannah's and searched every square inch of them. Sadly only one savannah had one lone beefalo.

What can I do to get more beefalo?


It turns out that you just have to guard that beefalo. You can build a fence around it if you wish. At some point, the lone beefalo will magically create a new baby beefalo. I'm not sure how many days this takes. From this Reddit post the thread poster replied to his own comment with a screenshot of their new baby beefalo. It didn't happen until day 39.


If you're ultra impatient, you can also use console commands.

DebugSpawn("beefalo") - this will spawn one beefalo at your mouse pointer.

c_spawn("beefalo", amount) - adding an integer for amount will spawn "amount" of beefalo.

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