I left my computer on to go out for ice cream. And I came back and 4 of my dwellers where very unhappy. They are at the bottom of my vault so it couldn't have been a deathclaw. And one of them died so I don't see how one could die of a molerat or a bug because I have 77 people in my vault. Please help me

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    What is the issue? You had people die because you left the game running. Are you asking how they died? – FoxMcCloud Jul 7 '18 at 1:51

Death is the biggest deficit to happiness. As for what caused the death, it could be any number of things - especially over an hour's timeframe - multiple attacks and fires would certainly be enough to kill at least one dweller.

Additionally, as Nelson has already stated, if you don't have a Mr. Handy on the floor where you generate your food and water (you might have others in the vault - but they won't collect resources on other floors) then your resources won't be collected, and Starvation, dehydration, and loss of power can affect happiness as well.


Did you have any Mr. Handy?

If you don't, the resources do not collect and your vault will run down.

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