Sometimes when I play Fortnite on my iPhone X the framerate will get really low, sometimes to the point where it will freeze for a few seconds between frames. Any ideas how to resolve? It didn't do this when I first played.

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    How long do you play on your phone? And after what duration of time does this start happening? Phones have very bad cooling, so if your phone is heating up, you phone will "overheat" and under-clock the CPU, which can result in frame rate loss – SPYBUG96 Jul 7 at 18:25
  • Sometimes it will happen on the first round I play on a day. As I wrote in an answer, restarting the phone seems to help, but would be nice to find a permanent solution. – Liron Yahdav Jul 8 at 5:22
  • Might also be a power management issue where the phone doesn't correctly estimate how much computational power is required and underclocks the phone to preserve battery. Maybe connecting a charger or power bank helps? Also check internet connectivity to rule out network lag. – Jochem Kuijpers Jul 8 at 23:56

One thing I've found that can greatly improve the situation is if I restart my phone. Maybe having lots of apps running in the background could lead to this freezing?

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