I recently installed BioShock and I've been running into a issue with how the game runs. The plane crash and, "I chose Rapture" scenes play out without any issues, but as soon as Welcome to Rapture loads, the bathysphere rises to the scene where Johnny gets killed by the spider splicer, but the scene is frozen. I can look around with the mouse, but I am unable to move or progress and there is no sound.

What the scene looks like, frozen.

I'm not sure what's causing this issue; I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I've checked to see if my drivers are up to date, I went into the steamapps file to see if there was anything I had to change such as a .ini, but I'm getting the same result.

This is the regular version, not the remastered version. I'm playing the regular version because I currently don't have the right hardware specifications to run the remastered version.

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I solved the issue. I don't know which one of these fixed it, but I updated the Realtek Audio drivers, changed the system volume in the audio mixer and plugged in and removed a pair of headphones with a microphone into the microphone port. After this, the game played normally.

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