Is there a device or adapter (similar to the one asked about here for the Xbox 360) to allow me to use my Wii remote and classic controller to control PC games?

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The wiimote can be connected to a computer using BlueTooth. There's a tutorial here on how to connect the wiimote to the computer via a program called BlueSoleil, which is often bundled with BlueTooth sticks (it was bundled with mine). The computer should recognize it as a joystick.

Also, this page lists some interesting things you can do with it. Johnny Lee's project are particularly impressive.

Finally, this page on the WiimoteProject site has a more in-depth guide for various ways to connect it, not only using BlueSoleil.


The Wii remote communicates via Bluetooth, so you'll need a Bluetooth receiver.

The games you want to play will also have to be capable of reading input from a Bluetooth device.


GlovePie is a great tool that can be used to get input from a wii remote and use it in an existing game.

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