I bought a bunch of magic beans from the guy sitting outside of Zora's Domain when you are a child. I could only find two locations to plant them (the one right near where he is sitting, and the one in the Kokiri Forest). I still have a few (I spent quite a bit of money on this, thinking they would be useful), but I don't know where else to put them.

Where else is there ground for planting beans?

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There are a total of 10 locations to plant the magic beans as child Link, the majority of which will result in obtaining a piece of Heart as adult Link.

These should be all of the locations:

  1. Zora's River: near the salesman that sells you the magic beans
  2. Kokiri Forest: near the Shop
  3. Lost Woods: near the stage where you entertain the Deku Scrubs
  4. Lost Woods: near the bridge that exits to Hyrule Field
  5. Graveyard: near where the gravekeeper's tomb will be when you're adult Link
  6. Death Mountain: near the cavern entrance
  7. Death Mountain Crater: near the Triforce platform
  8. Lake Hylia: near the laboratory
  9. Gerudo Valley: at the bottom near a cow
  10. Desert: near the entrance to the Spirit Temple

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