Is loot quality affected by difficulty level (or challenges/strategy mode, etc…)? Are there better rewards based on any of these things? Is beating a level on hard going to give better items on average than on easy?

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Here are the things that I know for sure affect loot drop quality

  • Difficulty level. A map on hard is going to have better quality loot. Not just from the harder monsters but chests as well.
  • The Map (i.e. the later maps drops better stuff, glitterhelm on hard drops way better stuff than deepest depth on hard).

Here is what I think affects it (can't confirm for sure)

  • Maximum available character levels in the game. I.e. a game of all level 70s tend to see better loot than 1 level 70 and 3 newbies with level 10 characters.

The boss rewards do have a higher chance of dropping a better quality item on higher difficulties.

As for challenge maps, most challenges give different rewards based on difficulty level but those rewards are unaffected by character level.


In addition to what yx mentioned, loot also seems to get better the map wave number is. A hard survival game in wave 1 will drop worse loot than that same game on wave 15.

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