If I wanted to fill an area with jungle logs facing a certain way, in 1.12 it would be:

fill -330 73 -63 -330 73 -70 log 11

I assumed for 1.13 it would be:

fill -330 73 -63 -330 73 -70 minecraft:jungle_log{rotation:3}

or something to that effect, but I don't know what the tag is and afaik it's not listed anywhere on any wiki.

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Blockstates are how you'd do this. They're specified after the block ID, in a [key=value,key=value] format. For example:

fill -330 73 -63 -330 73 -70 jungle_log[axis=x]

You can find a block's blockstates on the F3 screen when looking at it:

F3 targeted block

Or, 1.13's command suggestions/completions can be helpful:

Tab-complete blockstates

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