With Minecraft's new patch, I cannot simply copy down command block code for creating a mechanism that will rotate an arrow towards the nearest player. I have been testing this out in single player with a repeating non Redstone activated command block with the code of:

teleport @e[type=minecraft:arrow] ^ ^ ^ facing entity @p feet 

The teleport feature is new to this patch (to my understanding) so please help me understand if I'm doing this right.

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teleport works relative to the executioner, no matter if ~ ~ ~ or ^ ^ ^.

So you want:

/execute as @e[type=minecraft:arrow] at @s run teleport @s ~ ~ ~ facing entity @p

Note that this will neither redirect the arrow towards you (it has a Motion tag and to change that properly you need sinus calculation), nor will it actually rotate the tip of the arrow towards you, because facing directions of arrows are always a bit weird.

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