According to the wiki page https://stellaris.paradoxwikis.com/Spaceborne_aliens#Ether_Drake

The planet it guarded, Dragon's Hoard, is a very wealthy planet with +30 Energy and Minerals. Putting a mining station on it will eventually provide two special rewards (MTTH 600 months): Enable researching of Tech Artificial Dragonscales, the only Level 6 Armor. Discover a Dragon Egg and get the option to smash it for 300 Influence or issue a special project to incubate the egg and hatch a Young Drake. The Young Drake has between 14k and 16k fleet power.

My question is if you build a habitat on the Dragon's Hoard instead of a mining station, is it still possible to get the Artificial Dragonscales tech or the Ether drake?

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No, it has to be a mining station.

But nothing is stopping you getting a habitat up once they fire.

  • Thanks for the answer! I'm accepting this, and also warning people not to build a habitat on the dragon's hoard until at least the armor fires as AFAIK habitats can't be dismantled. The baby drake is meh, but the T6 armor is worth getting. Aug 27, 2018 at 14:02

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