I see a lot of information in the opposite direction: if you have a PS4 linked epic account you can't use it on Switch. However I'm wondering if you played on Switch first can you then play on PS4?

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    Even if you could, once you link your account to PS4, you wouldn't be able to play it on Switch anymore (or any other console for that matter). – Elise Jul 22 '18 at 8:48
  • An Epic account is free, why not test it out and let us know! – Michael Frank Jul 26 '18 at 2:00
  • The reason you always see it the other way is simply because PS4 version was out first. So when everyone tried playing on Switch they found out it wasn't possible. – VanBuzzKill Aug 4 '18 at 4:22
  • @VanBuzzKill This has always been true. If you play on Xbox One / Switch, you can't use that account on PS4 and vice versa. PC, iOS, and (soon) Android are the only systems that can play using any Fortnite account. – Powerlord Aug 4 '18 at 12:25

yes, you can link your accounts. In order to do that, you have to go to epicgames.com with a PC*, sign in, go to "account", then "CONNECTED ACCOUNTS", and then link it from there.NOTE: there is a small possibility that you will lose your progress, so I suggest that you link it with a test account first

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I tried it and the answer is no, you cannot log in to your epic account on PS4 if you've used it on the Nintendo Switch

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  • they fixed it so that now you can log in with any platform, as long as you link it – Awesome Gamer 333 Jan 30 '19 at 0:03

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