When I was looking for Puyo Puyo Tetris on Amazon, I saw a game called "Puyo Puyo Tetris S" ("ぷよぷよテトリスS"). It was a Japanese import.

I couldn't find much information about it online other than the fact that it was for Nintendo Switch only, and I even went as far as getting the demo for it, but the only difference I can see is that it's in Japanese (and that the vibrations are much stronger for some reason).

Is the only difference between them just regions? Was the game "Puyo Puyo Tetris S" simply re-released under the name "Puyo Puyo Tetris" to western audiences?


The Nintendo Switch version is (for now) the definitive version of Puyo Puyo Tetris, due to the use of HD Rumble. The S was likely added in order to clearly mark it as such. In the West, the S was left out (possibly because in the West, the Switch version was released simultanously with the PS4 version), but it is the exact same game.

The sad thing is that some people mistakingly think that the Windows/Steam version is the definitive version of the game, because that version came out the last (and because high-end gaming PC's have more raw computational power than consoles, but Puyo Puyo Tetris does not benefit from that in any way). So maybe they should have kept the S.

  • So playing without any rumblable Controller would not be any different between the Tetris and Tetris S versions? – npst Nov 28 '18 at 18:24

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