Previously before the Minecraft 1.13 release, you used to be able to use

/setblock 373 42 269 redstone_torch 2

and be able to choose the rotation of the torch you're setting. However, with this new update with changes to Minecraft Commands, you can't set the rotation of the redstone torch just by placing for example, a '2' next to redstone_torch.

So how would I be able to set the rotation of a redstone torch via the /setblock command in the new 1.13 update?

See attached pictures for further explanation https://prnt.sc/kbyjke and https://prnt.sc/kbyjo6


In 1.13 the block ID you'd want would be redstone_wall_torch.

Then for the rotation, numeric block metadata has been removed. You must instead use blockstates, which are specified after the block ID in a [key=value,key=value] format. In this case:

setblock ~ ~ ~ redstone_wall_torch[facing=east]

You can find a block's blockstates on the F3 screen when looking at it:

F3 targeted block

Or, 1.13's command suggestions/completions can be helpful:

Tab-complete blockstates

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