I have a duplicant in Oxygen Not Included that is suffering from stress because he requires a high morale due to his (former job). However, I removed him from that job, but he is still requiring high morale.

Is the morale requirement permanent once you give a duplicant a job?


Yes, it is permanent.

  • Morale will replace Food and Decor Expectations. As Duplicants gain training, you'll have to improve the colony around them
    • Added Morale modifiers for using recreation buildings, proper bathrooms/mess halls/bedrooms, and food eaten
    • New tiers of rooms added
    • Massage Table is now a medical/stress item rather than a recreation item

The important bit to note here is the 'gain training'. This means that when a Duplicant masters a job or gets trained in an advanced job, it will modify their expectations about the colony. You can see this in the Duplicant details panel.

Reference, expressive update patch notes.

Your best bet to solve the problem would be to improve the decor scores in your colony, and improve the quality of the food you are providing.

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  • ... or kill the duplicant with the morale problem. BTW what is the "Duplicant details panel"? – Tyler Durden Jul 30 '18 at 11:47
  • @TylerDurden If you click on a Duplicant, a details window will display. – David Yell Jul 30 '18 at 13:14

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