I already know that pressing Ctrl + W will hide the bottom part of the HUD.

But how can I hide the rest of the HUD that is shown on the top of the screen and the replay progress bar?

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  • I doubt you can remove the player controls as every caster seems to hide it behind an overlay.
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As far as I can see that is not posible, here is a list of what you can do while watching a replay:

Unit Following - You can lock the camera to any unit to follow it around the map. To do this select the unit and press Ctrl + Shift + F.

Replay Overlay - An overlay in the top left displays various information for every player as chosen by the viewer. These options are listed below.

  • None - Closes the box.
  • Resources - Displays Mineral, Gas and Supply counters.
  • Income - Displays resource mining over a set period of time and the number of workers.
  • Spending - Displays where resources are being spent, either on Economy, Technology or Army.
  • Units - Displays number of units.
  • Units Lost - Displays number of lost units.
  • Production - Displays all research, construction and production taking place.
  • Army - Displays Army units in terms of resource cost and total Supply stats.
  • APM - Displays average and current APM. Due to Game Speed issues, these are currently inaccurate.

Patch 1.3.0 introduced several new features and Patch 1.3.3 changed the Current APM hotkey. These are listed below:

  • In a 1v1 game, both players’ resource rows are shown in the upper right at the same time.
  • The main game UI can now be hidden/shown by pressing Ctrl + W.
  • The ability to toggle between player unit colors and team unit colors when watching a replay or observing by pressing Alt + F.
  • New bigger panels are now available when observing or viewing a replay of 1v1 games. These panels are large and are shown in the top center portion of the screen:
    • Player Name Panel: Displays the players' name, team color, race, and supply count - Ctrl + N.
    • Current Income: Ctrl + I.
    • Army and Worker supply: Ctrl + A.
    • Units and Workers killed: Ctrl + R.
    • Current APM: Ctrl + V.


  • If you've lost a key unit in a game, for example the blue player's [[Banshee]], you may be able to find it by selecting a blue unit and finding it on the control group display. Just double click the control group the Banshee is in and the camera will focus on the units.
  • By holding V when having a unit of one player selected your vision will switch to that of the player until you release V.

Source: Liquipedia

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Actually you can with the letter H.

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