Looking at my map, it displays that I will receive another Emissary quest "tomorrow", as well as in 2 days and 3 days.

At what time do these reset? Is it based off of server time, or a realm time in which everything ticks over?

Is this the same as the daily reset for heroics/mythics etc?

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It resets at 8am, PDT (California Time).

Source: Tested it this week, each daily emissary quest is unlocked at 11am my time, which is 3 hours ahead of PDT.


Emissaries cycle at the same time as the daily reset for heroics. At the current time of writing, this is 3 AM. What timezone this time is is based on depends on the region of the server. In the Americas, this is based on California time, in the EU this is based on GMT.


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