In order to buy a Japanese game, I went and created a Japanese Nintendo Account for my Switch.

Ever since then, I've been receiving a ton of Japanese news, along with the usual non-Japanese news, many of which are duplicates.

I would like to stop receiving news for my Japanese account only. Is it possible, and how can I do it?


According to a Q&A on the Nintendo Support Forums, the only way to completely stop the Japanese channels from appearing in the news feed is to do a factory reset and not associate the Japanese account. While this is not the solution you are looking for, can reduce the amount of Japanese channels that will come through.

While the Japanese news stories will not stop unless you do a factory reset without attaching a Japanese account, you can "slow it down" by disabling some non-English language News by using the following steps to un-follow the channels:

From the HOME Menu, select "System Settings" > "System" > "News Channel >Settings."

Deselect any non-English channels that you are following.

This won't stop all the Japanese news, but may slow it down for you.

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