I want to summon a mob with a specific value, for example, I want to summon a zombie that had a RED concrete, but when I don't write the value, he spawns with a white concrete. So how can I summon him? This is on Minecraft Java 1.12.2.


The number after the block concrete is the value

  • 0 or none=white
  • 1=Orange
  • 2=magenta
  • 3=light blue
  • 4=yellow
  • 5=lime green
  • 6=pink
  • 7=dark gray
  • 8=light gray
  • 9=cyan
  • 10=purple
  • 11=blue
  • 12=brown
  • 13=green
  • 14=red
  • 15=black

This also applies for wood,dye,buckets filled,leather armor(colored),etc...

  • Perhaps you could write out the full command for summoning the zombie holding a red concrete? – Roijan says reinstate Monica Jan 7 '19 at 16:16

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